We built a website for Valentines Day

When the girl who I’ve only been seeing for just a few weeks told me that she doesn’t believe in Valentines Day due to it’s commercialized nature. She really struck a chord with me. Valentine’s Day for me has always been a Day to be celebrated by sharing the love with those around you. An opportunity to make breakfast in bed for your girlfriend. Or to send your mom a letter thanking her for tolerating you for all these years.

But in the past few years, it seems to have turned into a time when we are expected to buy expensive flowers, jewellery, and perfumes from Edgars.
I feel peer pressured by “the man” into sharing the love in a way that prevents me from actually feeling the love!

I don’t feel anything when I spend R500 on a bouquet of red roses that will have wilted within a month.

So this year I decided to use my expertise in website development to build a platform that will remind me, and those around me about what’s truly important on Valentine’s Day. Sharing the love.

Together with a few of my colleagues, we have built a website where you can buy flowers or a teddy for your loved ones but rather than spending the money on a physical gift we will give all of the proceeds from your contribution to the charity of your choosing. And we’ll send a message to your loved one letting them know that this year, you decided to share the love rather than buying it.

So if you feel like sticking it to the man this year, do what we’re doing, and give your money to an organisation that we will truly appreciate and benefit from it. Consider buying a gift for your loved one from CharityBlooms.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

However you decide to spend your money this Valentine’s Day,
I encourage you to take the time to share the love with the people most important to you.

Mark Grenville